Accomplishments on the Burlingame City Council


  • Working with Park and Rec to create areas for additional dog parks
  • Approved Broadway Interchange Project which will decrease traffic congestion in that area
  • Worked on the Downtown Streetscape committee to develop a new Burlingame streetscape plan which will start construction April 2013.  This will include ripping up the street and providing new water and sewer system, widening sidewalks from 10 feet to 16 feet, providing smart meters. Installing concrete pavers, planting all new trees, providing all new light fixtures, benches, hanging flower pots, and new gateway features on California Drive and El Camino.  There have not been any significant upgrades on Burlingame since the early 1970s.
  • Also worked with Public Works and downtown landowners to form an assessment district to help fund the Burlingame Avenue streetscape improvements
  • Approved the Burlingame Point project on Airport Blvd.  The project consists of 767.000 square feet of new uses including office or life science uses, retail, and restaurant usage, amenities including childcare, a gym, and increased improvements along the Bay trail.
  • Serve on the Downtown Specific Plan Subcommittee to discuss parking lot development in downtown Burlingame.  In conjunction with the Community Development staff, we prepared a request for qualifications to seek developer interest in partnering with the city to develop any of the downtown public parking lots.  Two proposals have proven to have potential to help fulfill our downtown specific area plan goals. Formal development proposals will be discussed with the community in early 2013 for feedback and suggestions.



  • Added 3 million dollars to our reserves
  • DBID reauthorized for another year
  • Safeway project opened October 2011.
  • New businesses located on the Safeway site opened 2011 and 2012 and are located on Primrose.  Safeway and these additional businesses have revitalized Primrose and also has provided a great connection between Burlingame Ave and Howard.


  • Approved the new Safeway development proposal Feb. 2010
  • Worked with Millennium Partners to submit a proposal to construct a 750,000 square foot office/life science building.
  • Completion of the Burlingame Downtown Specific Area plan which encourages attainable housing, public open space and increased retail.  It also encourages an increased connection of pedestrian connectivity and vitality between Burlingame Ave and Howard Ave.
  • Helped with community fundraising to save Easton Branch library
  • Continue to advocate for an underground alignment of High Speed Rail to minimize impacts to the Burlingame Community.
  • Worked with Council and the Finance director to adopt financial policies governing the use of funds and increasing our reserves.
  • Have approved new contracts with employees that include salary concessions and significant reductions in retiree medical benefits for future hires.
  • Approved a Downtown Burlingame Business Improvement district.


  • Helped develop storm fee program and educated the community about the fee and successfully passed the measure to fund improvements to reduce flooding and improve the water quality
  • Continue to educate and involve the public in high-speed rail decisions
  • Developed the Economic Development Subcommittee which consists of two council members, , Economic Development Liaison and Community Development Director.  I have sat on this committee since it was established to current time.  We meet on a regular monthly basis to discuss progress on City’s economic development efforts.  We have met with representatives from our business community such as : Broadway merchants and landlords, Burlingame Ave merchants and landlords, auto dealers, hotel representatives, Burlingame Plaza owners and merchants and realtors.   The goal is to provide business representatives to provide feedback to the city regarding the ongoing efforts to improve the City’s business and development climate
  • Application for a new Safeway was submitted in April 2009
  • In an effort to fill vacant storefronts in Downtown Burlingame, amendments to the zoning regulations allowed an increase of five additional full service food establishments
  • Adopted citywide climate action plan.


  • Worked with Council and Beautification Commission to create blocks of themed trees and revised street tree lists
  • From my clean-up committee, we encourage the introduction of the Business Landscape Award
  • Dedicated a full-time worker to focus on cleanliness of the downtown areas.  This resulted from the work of my volunteers who dedicated time to clean both Broadway and Burlingame Ave during that year.
  • Began live Granicus video streaming for City Council meetings making it easier for the community to access information
  • Hired a part-time Economic Development Specialist
  • Multiple workshops were held to obtain public feedback on the Downtown Specific Plan
  • Completed a public process with the Safeway working group that developed a recommendation for the basic concept of a new Safeway at the corner of Howard and El Camino Real.
  • Continued concierge tours and cleanup activities on Burlingame Ave and Broadway


  • Worked with the Broadway merchants to improve and retain business
  • Started the Broadway/Burlingame Ave cleanup group
  • Held community meetings to obtain feedback from the public in ways to improve the Building Division and implement recommendations
  • Amended our Bayfront Specific Area Plan and adopted new zoning for the North end of our city to invite new types of development that would enhance our city
  • Lowered solar energy permit fees from $1,100 to $329 to encourage use of solar energy development
  • Participated in the process in negotiating 20.5 million in improvements with Caltrain for the greatly improved Burlingame train station platform project.  It was the first time a variety of stakeholders were brought together to participate in the process and provide feedback.  Improvements included increased landscaping, safe pedestrian and vehicular crossings at the railroad tracks and beautification of the train station.
  • In conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce  tours were conducted of our Burlingame Avenue, Broadway, and Burlingame Plaza business districts for our hotel concierges to encourage them to educate our tourists to shop in our downtown areas rather than visiting other cities.
  • I encouraged the Council to conduct all commission interviews as an entire council in a public setting rather than interviews with two council members in a closed session.
  • Introduced the idea of a business ambassador to help bring new businesses to town and help potential businesses navigate both the planning and building process
  • A Green Ribbon task force was created to address sustainable practices
  • Completed an economic development analysis and started the creation of a vision for our downtown Burlingame Ave. area
  • Encouraged Safeway to come back to the table to talk with the city and a variety of stakeholders to develop a new project that would be beneficial to both Safeway and the City of Burlingame


  • Developed concept of an economic development ambassador to attract businesses to Burlingame and make process of starting a business in Burlingame easier.
  • Developed idea of a pre-application process for development to expedite paperwork, while still ensuring active community participation in the process.