Ann’s Council Abstract

September 16th Update

There are openings on three commissions if you are interested in applying.

  • Traffic and Safety: 1 seat opened: Application deadline is October 11th.
  • Beautification: 1 seat opened: Application deadline is October 18th.
  • Park and Recreation: 3 seats opened: Application deadline October 18th.

We are always encouraging community members to apply for commissions. If you are applying, please make sure you attend a meeting prior to your interview. Please refer to the Burlingame web site for meeting dates and times.

At our September 16th council meeting, the council authorized me to sign a letter on behalf of the City of Burlingame agreeing to accept responsibility for monitoring and enforcement of the preservation covenant to be recorded at the time of sale of the downtown Burlingame Post office located at 220 Park. This allows Burlingame to have a little more authority to be able to review the impacts to the historic character of the property in the event a future developer makes modifications.

The Council also discussed how we can streamline the process for administering and managing the maintenance and upkeep of the news racks in the public right-of-way. Newly installed news racks will have to follow certain criteria in aesthetics.

September 3rd 2013 Update

On Tuesday, September 3rd, the council authorized a transfer of $6.6 million from the City’s General fund to an irrevocable trust account to use for retiree medical benefits. This will help reduce our liability. We plan to put an additional 3 million dollars in the next fiscal year.

In case your wondering what’s going on with the unfinished building located at 1818 Trousdale ….

This 79 unit assisted living facility was approved in July 2006. A building permit was issued in 2007 and expired in May 2010. It was extended to May 2013 due to the economic recession. We have extended the permit one more year and the company has met with neighbors to outline their timeline regarding the progress of the building. The council is pushing for the completion of this project! Sunrise ins waiting for the completion of project financing and then will be able to move forward with construction.

There is an open seat on the Traffic and Safety Commission. Anyone who is interested, please apply. Refer to the city website for more information.

August 2013 Update

  • Are you tired of the traffic congestion on Broadway? Well, that’s going to change. The City Council just adopted a resolution to execute an agreement between the City of Burlingame, Caltrans, and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority for the construction phase of the US Highway 101/Broadway interchange. The contractor selection and construction contract award will take place spring 2014 and project completion is expected for 2016. This project will improve the traffic safety and circulation in the area, as well as improve the level of service of adjacent streets. The total estimated project cost is approximately 75 million dollars. The City of Burlingame is responsible for 5 million of that total and this money has already been put aside.
  • In an effort to support our local businesses and encourage shopping along Burlingame Ave during construction, the Burlingame City Council approved two hours of free parking on Burlingame Ave on Fridays.
  • The Burlingame City Council approved a section of Bayside Fields as the location for the Burlingame Community Garden. There will be space for approximately 26 planting beds. The proposed site is located between the batting cage and storage sheds. The fee per planter box is approximately $65.00 per year. To register for a garden plot, please contact the City of Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department at 650.558.7300.
  • The Council commented upon the draft Exclusive Negotiation Agreement between the City and Grosvenor USA regarding the development of Parking Lot E and potentially the Downtown Burlingame Post office. We have received a variety of suggestions from the community regarding development in that area, including mixed use including housing/retail and office space. The inclusion of public open space would benefit the community as a whole. Other ideas that have been suggested include a boutique hotel, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • I would like to congratulate the following community members who recently graduated from the Leadership program sponsored by Burlingame, Foster City, Hillsborough, and San Mateo. Emily Burch Matthews, Captain Michael Matteucci, Amy Sims Cook, Jordana Peil, Nirmala Bandrapalli, Suzannne Buckley, and our Park and Recreation Director Margaret Glomstad.