The issues I have been focused on, and will continue to focus on, are those that have the greatest impact on the residents of Burlingame, those that ensure the character of our community is maintained, those that ensure we have vibrant and successful downtowns, and those that will ensure our City’s finances stay strong regardless of broader economic conditions.

1. Foster Economic Growth to Enhance City Services

• Promote the city of Burlingame and attract new businesses to downtown and the Bayshore
• Increase diversity of revenue sources to ensure the city’s long-term fiscal strength

2. Plan for a Sustainable Future

• Ensure the community’s voice is heard in planning with Caltrain for electrification and high speed rail
• Study the expansion of shuttle service, to give seniors better transportation options

3. Make Burlingame an Even Better Place to Live

• Evaluate options for utilizing state land on Bayshore for sport fields and community access
• Develop master plan for a community center that will meet the needs of residents of all ages
• Consider downtown projects that bring parking, attainable housing, and public open space