Mayor’s Message

The past several years have been full of successes for Burlingame in the face of tough broader economic conditions. The next few years will see the fruition of our community’s plans, with a re-energized downtown, road improvements around the Broadway interchange, and fiscal restraint.

  • The Broadway interchange is going to be rebuilt in 2014 to help alleviate traffic congestion. The flow of traffic will better managed and structures will be seismically upgraded.
  • Improved access will attract new business to the Bayshore and Rollins Road areas, which will provide long term city revenues and enable enhanced city services.
  • Downtown Burlingame’s streetscape upgrade will be completed in 2014, with the replacement of water, sewer, and storm drain systems as well as new sidewalks, lighting, trees, and paving.

We want to enhance the vibrant pedestrian connection between Burlingame Avenue and Howard Avenue by encouraging mixed uses. We have already seen the increased vibrancy on Primrose resulting from a successful Safeway project mixed with retail and incorporating a public rooftop garden. We also envision the creation of new public open space within the downtown core. We are encouraging mixed use developments that offer attainable housing along with retail.

Determination, confidence and belief in our future will enable us to continue building a better Burlingame. I look forward to productive, exciting and wonderful years ahead.