Planning for a Sustainable Future

The Councilperson you vote for should think about and work on issues beyond just one campaign or a single term in office. She should work on issues for the betterment of her constituents and her community that have benefits long after her term in office, and leave her city a better place for generations to come.

Improvements to Caltrain, including electrification, will make our whole region and state easier to access and reduce the burden on SFO, will reduce flight delays, and will help reduce traffic on our already congested highways. Our role in Burlingame is to make sure the city’s needs are met with any solution, and that Burlingame shapes its own future as statewide and regional decisions are made that impact the city.


I will continue to work to ensure the community’s voice is heard in planning with Caltrain for electrification and high speed rail. The City of Burlingame cannot be cut off by an above ground right-of-way, and I have fought and will continue to fight for below grade alignment if and when High Speed Rail moves forward. I will continue to advocate for restoring and improving Caltrain service at both of our existing train stations.

Expanded Shuttle Service

Burlingame’s shuttles not only benefit those that use them, but also reduce the overall amount of traffic on our roads. I will study the expansion of shuttle service, to give seniors better transportation options and make Burlingame more livable and easier to access for all who live here.