“Ann Keighran is a leader in our community. She is widely respected for common sense, fiscally responsible approach to issues and her ability to work with others to address the tough challenges that we face.”

Jerry Hill, State Senator

“Ann is a hard-working council member who gets things done. She has been instrumental in transforming our vision for downtown Burlingame in reality, and she is constantly on the lookout for ways to attract more business – and revenues – to our community. Ann doesn’t just talk about ideas, she gets things done.”

 Terry Nagel, Council Member


“I can always depend on Ann’s integrity, common sense and dedication toward the betterment of Burlingame for its citizens.”

 Jerry Deal, Council Member


“I’ve worked with Ann on the city-school district liaison committee. She cares about kids and is a true supporter of education in Burlingame.”

 Davina Drabkin,
Burlingame Elementary School Board Member

“Mayor Ann Keighran is level-headed, thoughtful, and always working for what is best in Burlingame’s interest.”

Rosalie O’ Mahony, Former Mayor

“Ann Keighran is a thoughtful and dedicated community leader who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to Burlingame. She always invests the time needed to fully understand and analyze the issues facing our community. Residents can always count on Ann to listen to their concerns and do what’s right for Burlingame.”

 Dave Pine, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors


“I have known Ann Keighran for 15 years, first as a planning commissioner and over the past eight years as my council colleague. She is a hard-working, knowledgeable public servant with a big heart for her hometown of Burlingame. I hope you will join me in re-electing her to office.”

 Cathy Baylock, Council Member

“Ann is just what Burlingame needs. She fights for residents. Her questions at council meetings sometimes stump the experts in the room— a sure sign of a great leader who does her homework. She seeks consensus but isn’t afraid to cast tough votes in the interests of the people who she serves. I am proud to support Ann Keighran for city council.”

 Jackie Speier, Congresswoman